Friday, February 20, 2009

Portrait: Brevard County, Florida

I am a middle school teacher.

The economy is slowly sneaking its way back into my work life.
I have been down this road before, and am terrified I will have to take out my map to navigate its path again.
This time it is different,
I love my job.
I love my school.
I love my students.
I love my subject.
The thought of not being at this desk in August is almost too much to think about.
It is breaking my heart.
We haven't talked about the budget cuts in my classroom, I didn't want to for many reasons. One being I would cry,
another being that this is a very low-middle class school and they are dealing with all kinds of cuts at home.
My classroom is a safe haven from this, and an outlet for them.
Today was different.
THEY talked about it.
THEY demanded to be heard.
THEY have so many ideas, it was overwhelming.
THEY are worried that their voices aren't loud enough to be heard.
But they will,
get ready world,
they are mad and loud and together on this one.
There is a "Save education rally" in my county Monday night.
They all received a letter about it first period- a toned down version of what is to come.
100 million dollars in cuts, just for our county.
No sports.
No buses.
No electives.
No fun.
They are making signs, shirts, WEBSITES!
It is amazing to see them in action,
fighting for what is theirs-
trying to protect their teachers.
So much that I did cry.
The chorus is going to sing in the parking lot-
The band is going to play-
I can't wait to see it.
They amaze me.

Brevard County, Florida